Special/niche brands

We also offer highly specialized brands which are sometimes produced by small manufacturers without their own sales presence in Germany.

These are often specialists from outside Germany which provide unique technology for the automation and safety area. This helps our customers to bundle their procurements with fewer reliable sources.

We also develop customized products with design and functional describing in collaboration with our manufacturer partners. 

These are our special areas of expertise:

  • Sensors: Optical, inductive, ultrasound and measuring technology more generally
  • Safety sensors: Protecting workers and machines according to the most recent norms

Datasensing Micro Detector (Italy): A wide set of sensors of all types

Datasensing, previously M.D Micro Detectors S.p.A has been manufacturing a variety of sensors for automation technology since 1991. MD was the first series manufacturer of M18 sensors, which are now a global standard. Since 2022, M.D has been taken over by Datalogic/Italy. Datalogic and Micro Detectors have merged their business under the new company Datasensing S.p.A.

Today we offer all products of this company in Germany. Technical advice and service is provided for you by our field service together with the manufacturer

The portfolio includes:

Photoelectric sensors, inductive and capacitive sensors of all common types, ultrasonic sensors, area sensors for the packaging and wood industry. Optoelectronic safety light grids and switching devices, safety scanners (Sentinel), fork sensors, label sensors, print mark sensors and laser markers complete the range.

A majority of the sensors are certified and manufactured according to standards such as ATEX, CULus, TÜV, UL, FDA and ECOLAB.

Datasensing is particularly experienced in customer-specific OEM construction directly for mechanical engineering. We are happy to support you here.

ELAP (Italy): Encoder - linear potentiometer - builds any encoder according to customer specifications!

Manufacturer of rotary encoders and high-resolution linear potentiometers. You can request spare parts and new products directly from us. Of great interest to mechanical engineers: ELAP s.r.l. also manufactures rotary encoders and linear potentiometers according to customer specifications as an OEM product exclusively for customers. We help to clarify technical specifications together with you and the manufacturer up to the first series of production.

Linear potentiometer products: PLS, PL2S, PL231, PM/PR, PM2S/PR2S

Absolute rotary encoders with PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology in any technical design

Selet (Italy): inductive and optical sensors, rotary encoders, sensor light barriers for label recognition

Selet Sensor S.r.L is an Italian manufacturer of inductive and optical sensors of all types. The company also offers rotary encoders, fork light barriers for label detection, as well as inductive ring sensors and frame light barriers up to 300 x 150mm.

These products are an interesting supplement for German end users who produce on Italian machines and who can obtain the spare parts for these from us.

We can also coordinate the development of customer-specific products.

Encoder types of the SI063 series are frequently used, which we can procure in many versions!

STEM S.r.l, (Italy): Magnetic switches (coded), Hall sensors, level sensors, magnetically coded sensors, magnets for safety switches, ATEX magnetic switches and safety relays

Manufacturer of special and OEM sensors in greater quantities. Magnetically-coded and Hall sensors, level sensors, ATEX magnetic switches and safety relays, lift sensors, customer-specific magnets coded according to customer requirements.

Lion Precision (USA): Fork sensors - optical/ultrasonic for fast label detection on roll dispensers in the packaging industry

Lion Precision: The most precise label sensors in the world, fast, precise and accurate in switching behavior. Types: LRD 2100, LRD 3100, LRD 5100 Tear-Tape Sensor, LRD 6300 (high speed, high accuracy, Teach In Sensor), LRD 8200 ultrasonic fork sensor for any type of label, LionEye2 (Non-Clear Labels). All types can also be built and delivered as a custom (OEM) version together with us and the manufacturer. Contact us! We have the exclusive distribution rights in Germany. Label dispensing repeatability of up to 0.05 mm can be safely achieved!

We are happy to implement other connector outlets, customer-specific cable lengths and our own product labels (OEM versions) for you. 

Product designations: P017-9900; P017-9932; P017-9921; P017-9950; P017-6300; P016-6100; P015-3775; P017-9901; P017-9951; P017-6301 are stored for these sensors.

IMOS Gubela (Germany): Manufacturer of reflectors for all types of optical sensors

IMOS Gubela in Renchen is a manufacturer of optical reflectors and reflection optics and has been a partner of Puettmann automation technology for many years.

The product portfolio also includes optical foils, polarization and UV reflectors as well as customer-specific optical arrays and optics made of plastic. For many light barriers, these reflectors are part of the standard equipment.

Talk to us, we can also offer and organize large quantities for your needs! We look forward to your inquiry.


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